Previous Data

CT Images with clinical data

420 examinations are provided as CT scans. Database features include the detailed clinical information, more than 90 database fields for the image selection.

All the images from this cohort have a confirmed diagnosis of tuberculosis (both sensitive or resistant to therapy).

Patient case files containing clinical legend are available for those persons who were subjected to a more than one examination procedure.

Large archive of computed tomography (CT) lung scans

Collection of 9280 images of the lungs. All images were taken from patients who had attended medical institutions for tuberculosis diagnosis and investigation. There is no reliable confirmation of the tuberculosis diagnosis for the series of these scans and a single images.

If a patient had been examined more than one time, then we provide data based on all available examinations with examination dates. The database provides a functionality to select the series of images according to the gender and age of the patients. We hope that the archive (database) will be useful for specialists working in the sphere of medical image processing.